Welcome to my site , here is a quite extensive and detailed Bio of most of the main projects that I have been involved with over the years! Enjoy!

When I was very little I was always surrounded by music, starting on Keyboard , recorder and then at the age 10, I started to learn the Clarinet. At the age of 13, I learned the basics of Guitar from a friend Amy and began writing my own songs on the Piano and Guitar.

I first began playing Alto Sax at 15 years of age after meeting Pete Lowe a very accomplished music teacher and performer in Devon. By the age of 16 I passed my Grade 7 with a High Merit in Guildhall Jazz and had was joining every band I could. Playing Jazz, Improv, Swing, Soul, Covers, Ska in a total of  7 bands for 2 years, and touring and with monthly concerts for 2 years with the Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra. After many years of playing Saxophone, I am now at professional standard. With years of experience playing in many different styles and sizes of band I have a very eclectic range of influences. This is also to thank the Festival season, from 2010-2013 I performed multiple shows at at least 8 festivals every summer!  Duncan Disorderly and The Scallywags being my main band during these summers. They are full time musicians and have a great bounce and make many people very happy, being highly sought after in the alternative festival scene.


At these festivals I have guested with bands other than my full time band,  such as Dr Bluegrass and the Illbilly 8, Billy Rowan the Undercover Hippy : Billy Rowan website.

I have played with many other bands and Kora players, guitarists through passings at festivals and concerts. RAZMAFU who are a psychadelic indie singer songwriter band with a twist, and Avalon Roots a reggae band.

In Brighton I joined the Sussex Jazz Orchestra for a few years 🙂 whilst doing a degree in Criminology and Psychology BA HONS at Brighton University.

In 2010 I performed for one year in Chukin, We supported NNEKA  in concert and toured all over England performing at Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, and many more UK festivals.


And in Duncan Disorderly and the Scallywags for 4 years

We even completed the PARIS MARATHON with all our instruments! We raised £3000 for YOUTH MUSIC a charity. They state “Our music projects support young people to develop their creative and social skills, make positive contributions to their community and live happy, successful lives”.

We organised various Fundraisers at The Magic Garden Pub and also on the Beach front in Brighton. I organised a busking day where a whole gathering of musicians came and played with promotion of the charity and fundraising. We even gave some demonstrations and explanations of the instruments to eager children.

It only took us 10.5 hours to complete the whole Marathon whilst playing music constantly for 42.195 km!!


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I then started recording with Arthur Cambridge – Little Thoughts Producer and Dj in 2011/12

🙂 I have recorded some more tunes together check them out:



I love playing with Little Thoughts on my Saxamaphone 🙂 


We travelled to Egypt and played many clubs and on a cruise ship in Cairo! 

During this time around 2012 I ventured into playing regular club gigs with Pussycat Club events at DIGITAL in Brighton, and at private functions in LONDON –  This is playing SOLO along to House Music ! This was the beginning of a very new adventure for me and now a career in music. 

In 2012 I was also a member in One Roots – Reggae Band,

 We recorded an E.p together in Prince Fatty’s Studio – Ironworks in Brighton and toured all over England, and did a support gig for The Congos. 

Also in 2012 I joined The SPOKEN HERD Hip Hop band. A classic HIP HOP  12 piece outfit. With strong Classic and Jazz vibes we encompass many styles of music, Folk, Gypsy, Jazz and Classical .. or even Funk and Honky Tonk and party Soul vibes.


In 2012/13 I joined VINNIE ROSE and THE POWER TRIO. We were a rock n roll indie pop band. We toured In Portugal and Played some high end London venues. 

I formed a quick band called Jam in a Jar in 2013: Jazz fusion, Klezmer and Electro, Experimental Jam for a college project. A collection of  talented hands and brilliant faces from all corners of the Globe! We have our first release record in London at Alchemea College,  

Over time I jumped up on stage and jammed with Core Luminous – a Loopstation Reggae, Progressive, Afro-Beat musician.

In 2013 until 2017 I lived to Spain, Barcelona. Where I hung around and played music with Made In Barcelona latin, Salsa band and I toured with Calle SoL (Pierre Minetti the leader) in France 3 times and also played and formed ‘LOS GUIRIS’ with a talented guitarist Oscar Largo.


I was lucky enough to meet the founder and brain behind Playing for Change Mark Johnson. 

I jetted to INDIA in 2016 for a 5 month music contract playing Bollywood and Jazz covers at Indian Weddings and high end functions all over the country.


This I recorded with Shiksha Bali a very talented Indian female drummer!

I then reunited with some Brighton friends Ben Jammin and Zoë in 2017 and recorded and filmed this video.


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