Having a great time Saxing it up in London!

Last night One Roots played the Magic Garden Pub and totally vibed the place! One Roots are loving London! and London is loving them!

I also guested on sax with the reggae dub Djs at about 1am! ★ One Roots + Brigadier JC + Frankie Dread at the Magic Garden ★ This was a night of true passion for Reggae, and Dub, with a mixed crowd from all walks of life coming together peacefully 🙂 With special guest Faada Ras from The Majestic 🙂  The Majestic Web Page

One Roots will be Playing the same stage as The Majestic at this Boomtown 2013 🙂 Follow us and find out when One Roots Facebook

Thank you everyone for making the night so special 🙂 i really enjoy it at the magic garden pub – its nice to be back 🙂

Much Love


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