At the setting of the Sun VOODOO JUKEBOX rise in full attire performing with accordion, clarinet, double bass guitars and dancers… prancing about in Voodoo mischief , the Voodoo jukebox crew are strictly for entertainment and Scully laughs..


Watch out for us with led lanterns in jars… top hats, tails and frilly dresses…  a walkabout performance you dont want to miss! 🙂

Performing 6 hours a day.. from dusk till dawn , the Voodoo crew will relentlessly



be bringing you gypsy magic and charm,





We will be at the gypsy Disco tent with our fellow gypsy crews joining and collaborating on making some magical moments.. so come and check out the Gypsy Disco Tent!!


Friday midnight – Buffos wake, and friends. .. Elma on sax and clarinet,, and loads more performers..

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