Music = Remedy and Love!!


Here below is a video of me Busking with a Local beatboxer In Brighton at the train station tunnel 🙂

What a weekend! .. amazing vibes and bands at the Bimble Bandada : ) ..  two of my favourite bands are the Inexplicables 🙂 … such a group of talented , quirky and friendly musicians!

and The Flap!

– these guys and girl blew my mind!!.. with such energy and charisma they uplifted us all on the sunday evening into skipping and grooving around 🙂 .. the brass are from another planet surely! .. check out the trumpet solo in this video below!

FLAP – Down Down Down – YOUTUBE

and we cant forget the amazing – THE TURBANS!

we cant expect anything than the best from these guys now.. they always play with such focus and stamina! .. a brilliant performance.. –!! they also invited me to the stage to do some belly dancing! .. very nerve racking but everyone said i pulled off! 🙂

NEXT UP – is a Childrens Woodcraft Festival in Derby! tomorrow with One Roots, and  then we go to BOOMTWON! ON friday .. to perform on Saturday at 12pm Hidden Woods Stage


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