Days in portugal ….

Ive been in PORTUGAL with VINNIE ROSE AND THE POWER TRIO…. we are now naming the band VINNIE ROSE (band) for sake of ease …

We played 4 shows in total !  🙂

Obrigado Portugal had such beautiful surroundings!! Someone told me that Cleopatra used to go there on holiday! .. it has a natural spring that you can drink and swim in.. that leads to an estuary river.


All the acts i saw were really talented, and some of the acts were highlighting consumerism and its baddies, drugs in society and some very relaxed opinions on smoking by one very lively  Australian.

We played my favourite gig at O’Gradys 12 bar, we were playing under a veranda to a garden full of lovely  people who seemed to enjoy it very much. We had the promise of food when we wanted and were starving from a day at the most beautiful beach ‘Smugglers beach’ but despite the hunger we thoroughly enjoyed playing over a 2 hour set and wanted to fill our souls with the music. Sipping on apple juice and vodka i felt the most relaxed i have ever been!



Keep an eye out for the next gigs coming up!!! Its is going to be a busy winter for all the bands im involved in so keep an eye out on this space!





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