Wedding Musician – Private Party Musician!

Its that time of the year again when, we know spring is around the corner!

Keen to make 2020 the best year yet!! then why not book ELMA SAX for a private party or for your wedding. Tailoring her playlist she will adapt song choices to your specifications and will download high quality backing tracks of 3 artists of your choice and will learn them for you!

contact here for competitive prices and more info:

Los Guiris – my New Project


Its been a long time since I last posted, I have been doing a lot of moving around Barcelona, Joining in jam sessions all over the city and playing with friends in bars. At various jam sessions with Calle Sol and  Manu Chao (who is a resident of Barcelona) I met a really nice guy who plays guitar rumba style along side Manu.


His name is Oscar ‘el Guiri’ de Barcelona. With a lot of energy and good positive vibes he bounces around Barcelona making music in the streets, tubes, trains and in concerts.  A ‘guiri’ is a person from England in Spain, Oscar living all his life in Catalunya is not actually a ‘guiri’. Using language creatively he uses a lot of English phrases in his songs and just generally. I am an actual ‘guiri’ in Barcelona ‘La Guiri’  (the female version) and so we have joined forces and made our own duo Spectacular called ‘Los Guiris’.

We have performed two concerts and have been recording songs and building up our portfolio as a band. We also have a bass player that can play concerts with us and will slowly progress into a band of more people.

Here is a song we have recorded

We have set up our Youtube channel and are slowly adding tracks to it.. you can find us here Los Guiris Youtube Channel

And here is Oscars personal musical channel … Oscars Youtube Channel

We play a selections of songs and styles from Reggae to Rumba, and also some Flamenco, Gypsy and Ska. Oscar has written a lot of songs so we mainly play his songs, although we have also used some melodies and ideas I have written and turned them into new versions of the songs. One of which is Cool as Apples, here is a version I recorded in london with Giles Leonard 

Ive also played this with The Spoken Herd.  The Los Guiris live version is with me playing the clarinet as the lead instrument.

We also like finding interesting covers such as the family monster theme tune, or Mazel Tov a great well known Jewish ‘good luck’ song.

So thats it for now.. here are some photos and I hope you enjoy seeing what we have coming up.

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los GUIRIS POSTER 1 LA RIA3-page-001


DSCF0034 1



Till April

**       T I L L   *  A P R I L      **

An Inspiring new band i’ve found in Barcelona ..

oooppsss thats a smiling cat

With a quirky charm and uplifting spirit these guys all take the seriousness out of life and lift you into a swinging frenzy.

Imagine soft fluffy things, flowers and mini guitars circling above your head as you dance barefooted in a field of daffodils.. thats the imagery i get from these lovely fellows.


Give the Link a click above and see them for yourselves on their first ever Official video release!

Tonight I go to see them live!  Here is the FACEBOOK EVENT : )


**       T I L L   *  A P R I L      **




Glitzy and Gold.. Sax is my Bling

       Wednesday 11th Dec 2013 :                                          Club Gig London

Playing House music with Glitzy Gold Dancers and my Sax Bling in Hand!

Get your tickets now!


Friday! concorde 2 Spoken Herd and a bundle of Vinnie Rose Footage

Tomorrow! Concorde 2. Spoken Herd on at 1am!

Free!! Before Midnight for People with Names on the FB event page. Dont forget to Like the Spoken Herd 🙂 We are aiming for a New Year 1000 🙂 so Herd on up people and Get down with us and Chester P , Remus and loads more amazing acts …

And with Vinnie Rose …  Check out the Footage from last weeks gig at The Brighton Arts club

Loving this venue!

Im going to leave you with this song. Its as beautiful as the girl who posted it on facebook earlier, Big Ups to Katherine Abbot 🙂

Something i wrote earlier….

Swimming in the seas of bold, swinging in the trees of old,

making memories to be told, and stories that can hold gold.

Moments gone and to come, a journey won and to be sung,

feeling life again just begun, as winter sets in with a new sun“. EH

Days in portugal ….

Ive been in PORTUGAL with VINNIE ROSE AND THE POWER TRIO…. we are now naming the band VINNIE ROSE (band) for sake of ease …

We played 4 shows in total !  🙂

Obrigado Portugal had such beautiful surroundings!! Someone told me that Cleopatra used to go there on holiday! .. it has a natural spring that you can drink and swim in.. that leads to an estuary river.


All the acts i saw were really talented, and some of the acts were highlighting consumerism and its baddies, drugs in society and some very relaxed opinions on smoking by one very lively  Australian.

We played my favourite gig at O’Gradys 12 bar, we were playing under a veranda to a garden full of lovely  people who seemed to enjoy it very much. We had the promise of food when we wanted and were starving from a day at the most beautiful beach ‘Smugglers beach’ but despite the hunger we thoroughly enjoyed playing over a 2 hour set and wanted to fill our souls with the music. Sipping on apple juice and vodka i felt the most relaxed i have ever been!



Keep an eye out for the next gigs coming up!!! Its is going to be a busy winter for all the bands im involved in so keep an eye out on this space!





Spoken Herd living it up in Brighton

Bees Mouth Venue – Spoken Herd – Live Hip Hop

Brighton Residency  this thursday 5th aka today!

Come and check out one of the coolest and smallest! underground Hip Hop events in Brighton ..  Warming up for their show at Concorde 2 Saturday 14th September Supporting JEHST , SKINNYMAN, ENGLISH FRANK, CEEZLIN, FRANKIE STEW & HARVEY and more.

click on images to get to links 🙂

14th september :


Worlds end gig – Brighton Vinnie Rose

Come to my first official gig with The Vinnie Rose band in Brighton this saturday!!

Come and get grooovy with us!!

8-late 🙂

One love

Voodoo Jukebox , ONE ROOTS, and Elma Show!!




@ The Hare n Hounds – London Road Brighton








WE will also be filming on the seafront for our E.P video release of KEEP ON WAITING

Spoken Word and Hip Hop at the Foundry Pub – Brighton

Tonight   Tonight    Tonight

micReading poetry and rhymes.. with musical backing and some hip hop freestyles, you couldn’t ask for more than an open door and a smile to welcome you into a chair, as you stare and envelop the musical magic as it develops with a taste on heaven as its scent,
you might feel spent , but the less you digress the more you feel blessed and now i point you to the question and invite you and the rest to come and support the musically blessed as they test and try out their favourite rhymes and rhythmical tales with melody and a musical framework and that will keep you enthralled throughout the sunday evening calm , come along and dont be shy come and grab the mic and show us how your feeling , your words dont have to have a clear meaning just a expression of time that rhymes

See you there from 8-11pm

Facebook Event