Friday! concorde 2 Spoken Herd and a bundle of Vinnie Rose Footage

Tomorrow! Concorde 2. Spoken Herd on at 1am!

Free!! Before Midnight for People with Names on theΒ FB event page. Dont forget to Like the Spoken Herd πŸ™‚ We are aiming for a New Year 1000 πŸ™‚ so Herd on up people and Get down with us and Chester P , Remus and loads more amazing acts …

And with Vinnie Rose …Β  Check out the Footage from last weeks gig at The Brighton Arts club

Loving this venue!

Im going to leave you with this song. Its as beautiful as the girl who posted it on facebook earlier, Big Ups toΒ Katherine Abbot πŸ™‚

Something i wrote earlier….

Swimming in the seas of bold, swinging in the trees of old,

making memories to be told, and stories that can hold gold.

Moments gone and to come, a journey won and to be sung,

feeling life again just begun, as winter sets in with a new sun“. EH

yes! The Mighty Diamonds putting the spring in my step :)



Tonight the Mighty Diamonds played a lovely set of their old time classics in early Roots Reggae from the 1970’s πŸ™‚ backed by beautiful Rasites who opened the show for them with strong harmonies and sweet bass rhythms they nearly stole the show πŸ˜› but when Bunny andΒ  Judge came onto stage they had everyone whooping and bouncing πŸ™‚

RASITES – London Based Reggae Trio

What a lucky and awesome experience, to see such classic band.. ive loved them since i first heard them about 6 years ago. They played my favorite songs in the middle of the set ; Right Time,Β  Have Mercy, I need a roof, and so many sweet love songs πŸ™‚

The Mighty Diamonds
The Mighty Diamonds – taken by Elma Houghton

Concorde 2 hosted a fabulous show with great sound and vibes yet again πŸ™‚ ..

Im tired but am filming tomorrow with Vinnie Rose at the Brighton arts club! , come down πŸ™‚ we will be playing a set from 10pm πŸ™‚Β  so i definately should go to bed!

Have Mercy
‘Have Mercy’Β  – The Mighty Diamonds – taken by Elma Houghton