Spoken Word and Hip Hop at the Foundry Pub – Brighton

Tonight   Tonight    Tonight

micReading poetry and rhymes.. with musical backing and some hip hop freestyles, you couldn’t ask for more than an open door and a smile to welcome you into a chair, as you stare and envelop the musical magic as it develops with a taste on heaven as its scent,
you might feel spent , but the less you digress the more you feel blessed and now i point you to the question and invite you and the rest to come and support the musically blessed as they test and try out their favourite rhymes and rhythmical tales with melody and a musical framework and that will keep you enthralled throughout the sunday evening calm , come along and dont be shy come and grab the mic and show us how your feeling , your words dont have to have a clear meaning just a expression of time that rhymes

See you there from 8-11pm

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