Leaving Brighton and finding a new home in BARCELONA!

So far, I have a beautiful flat in the centre of the old town of Barcelona.

On Thursday after watching Made in Barcelona play in the sunshine, and a bit of a party for Francois birthday,  I went to Cafe Royal and joined in the crazy afro-beat/world music jam session that they have there every Thursday.  CAFE ROYAL FB

On Friday I was Invited to play with a duo that play world music on Kora, Hang Drum and the Oud. We plan to jam again and I will try and post the gig before it happens.

On Saturday it was an honour to be I was invited to solo with MADE IN BARCELONA , I am pretty sure someone grabbed me after and said they had filmed it .. so as soon as i get that its up on here 🙂

this is one of my favourite songs by them:

On Saturday night I guested with Super Spanish Combo – at an ART EXHIBITION FACEBOOK – CULTURAL WORLD

Afterwards we jammed and jammed.. I led everyone in with my two songs Spaniards and Cool as Apples and we had a crazy jam for hours and then partied until the sun came up!

Ive found an amazing venue called BARTS – Parallel BCN  and was invited to play along with a very Beautiful musician MU MBANA – his trio that day were glowing with truth and beauty – I played along to ‘God Bless the Child’.

Now I rest and organise some Interviews for working with children on holiday camps.

Barcelona – A trip to Inspire

B A R C E L O N A – P L A Y I N G  F O C H A N G E

Ive had a bit of time off.. The gig I was preparing for in my last post was cancelled sadly, but will be happening soon so any House and Techno lovers in London – I will keep you posted.

So after that I still took my flight to Barcelona to see some of my much missed friends, who are also full time passionate musicians.

Los Made In Barcelona are one of the best Salsa, Reggae and Latin jazz bands I know !  They are originally from all corners of the earth and have come together in the essence of true music to make you dance 🙂

HAhaha – they are nutters ! Always so much fun and such original and kind people !

You can find Los Made In Barcelona on the Port Vell on the way to the Barceloneta beach in Barcelona.. Thursday to Sunday daytimes 12-5pm

To find them on Facebook click on the photo below:


Then with these lovely bunch we all went to see Pierre Minetti and Francois Viguie and more of their friends playing Live at the Apollo Barcelona with PLAYING FOR CHANGE. playingforchnage  I had met these musicians 5 years ago at my first visit to Barcelona when Playing For Change was just releasing its first video – ‘Stand By Me’.  Playing For Change is a foundation set up from one mans idea from when he was traveling to work everyday in New York. On his way to the recording studio to record Paul Simon, he noticed that himself and so many other people would stop and listen to the buskers. He said they always drew such a big crowd, were so talented  and made him and everyone smile. He got the bright idea to record the street musicians and to bring the same equipment he would use in the studio but onto the street. So that is where it began, Mark Johnson recording all sorts of cultures and musicians and giving them the opportunity to record their great music!  Now he has set up a brilliant foundation that has helped thousands of children and families in developing countries to access music and instruments. By building schools and music rooms and also promoting and presenting the world with the music from their streets. Using over 150 musicians who have recorded albums and music DVD’s to continue this growing foundation of PEACE THROUGH MUSIC.

So far the most successful music video on Youtube – STAND BY ME

and the most emotional Live performance ive ever heard!

Here are some photos I took during my trip and at the Apollo: