Wedding Musician – Private Party Musician!

Its that time of the year again when, we know spring is around the corner!

Keen to make 2020 the best year yet!! then why not book ELMA SAX for a private party or for your wedding. Tailoring her playlist she will adapt song choices to your specifications and will download high quality backing tracks of 3 artists of your choice and will learn them for you!

contact here for competitive prices and more info:

We have been working hard everyday getting ready to ‘smash’ it in France! We have exciting songs of Latin, Reggae and Cumbia (Cumbia is like Balkan Gypsy but faster).

–Follow the website to hear the songs–

A new adventure with CALLE SOL…

I have been practicing with a new band for me called Calle Sol . They have been together with changing members over the last 8 years.. with all original songs and a great network of musicians that they share with Made In Barcelona, Bacan Avissattis and Playing For Change.


I am very pleased to be going on tour with Calle Sol in the south of France. We will be taking a car from Barcelona in June driving around the south of France for 10 days. We will be playing in the street as well as performing concerts in venues.

Every day I practice for this band.. they have a massive repertoire of music.. afro-latin, reggae and cumbia. Its new for me to learn the rhythms of the Clave and the Montunos , and the Mambos of each song. I love the lessons and new techniques im learning.  (


Check out this link for another song in our repertoire : CHA CHA CHA – MADE IN BARCELONA


Bringing me into the heart of Barcelona and its music scene, learning new skills and mingling with so many musicians I could not ask for a better life right now or better musicians to be working with!

Keeping the Sax at the heart of my ventures.








Leaving Brighton and finding a new home in BARCELONA!

So far, I have a beautiful flat in the centre of the old town of Barcelona.

On Thursday after watching Made in Barcelona play in the sunshine, and a bit of a party for Francois birthday,  I went to Cafe Royal and joined in the crazy afro-beat/world music jam session that they have there every Thursday.  CAFE ROYAL FB

On Friday I was Invited to play with a duo that play world music on Kora, Hang Drum and the Oud. We plan to jam again and I will try and post the gig before it happens.

On Saturday it was an honour to be I was invited to solo with MADE IN BARCELONA , I am pretty sure someone grabbed me after and said they had filmed it .. so as soon as i get that its up on here 🙂

this is one of my favourite songs by them:

On Saturday night I guested with Super Spanish Combo – at an ART EXHIBITION FACEBOOK – CULTURAL WORLD

Afterwards we jammed and jammed.. I led everyone in with my two songs Spaniards and Cool as Apples and we had a crazy jam for hours and then partied until the sun came up!

Ive found an amazing venue called BARTS – Parallel BCN  and was invited to play along with a very Beautiful musician MU MBANA – his trio that day were glowing with truth and beauty – I played along to ‘God Bless the Child’.

Now I rest and organise some Interviews for working with children on holiday camps.

Glitzy and Gold.. Sax is my Bling

       Wednesday 11th Dec 2013 :                                          Club Gig London

Playing House music with Glitzy Gold Dancers and my Sax Bling in Hand!

Get your tickets now!


Vinnie Rose and the Power Trio escape to Devon!



Making music from Dawn to Dusk ….



E.P coming soon!  keep and eye out at:

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OR COME AND SEE US PLAY LIVE IN LONDON TOMORROW 8pm 29 old burlington street london


Spoken Herd living it up in Brighton

Bees Mouth Venue – Spoken Herd – Live Hip Hop

Brighton Residency  this thursday 5th aka today!

Come and check out one of the coolest and smallest! underground Hip Hop events in Brighton ..  Warming up for their show at Concorde 2 Saturday 14th September Supporting JEHST , SKINNYMAN, ENGLISH FRANK, CEEZLIN, FRANKIE STEW & HARVEY and more.

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14th september :