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An Inspiring new band i’ve found in Barcelona ..

oooppsss thats a smiling cat

With a quirky charm and uplifting spirit these guys all take the seriousness out of life and lift you into a swinging frenzy.

Imagine soft fluffy things, flowers and mini guitars circling above your head as you dance barefooted in a field of daffodils.. thats the imagery i get from these lovely fellows.


Give the Link a click above and see them for yourselves on their first ever Official video release!

Tonight I go to see them live!  Here is the FACEBOOK EVENT : )


**       T I L L   *  A P R I L      **




Leaving Brighton and finding a new home in BARCELONA!

So far, I have a beautiful flat in the centre of the old town of Barcelona.

On Thursday after watching Made in Barcelona play in the sunshine, and a bit of a party for Francois birthday,  I went to Cafe Royal and joined in the crazy afro-beat/world music jam session that they have there every Thursday.  CAFE ROYAL FB

On Friday I was Invited to play with a duo that play world music on Kora, Hang Drum and the Oud. We plan to jam again and I will try and post the gig before it happens.

On Saturday it was an honour to be I was invited to solo with MADE IN BARCELONA , I am pretty sure someone grabbed me after and said they had filmed it .. so as soon as i get that its up on here 🙂

this is one of my favourite songs by them:

On Saturday night I guested with Super Spanish Combo – at an ART EXHIBITION FACEBOOK – CULTURAL WORLD

Afterwards we jammed and jammed.. I led everyone in with my two songs Spaniards and Cool as Apples and we had a crazy jam for hours and then partied until the sun came up!

Ive found an amazing venue called BARTS – Parallel BCN  and was invited to play along with a very Beautiful musician MU MBANA – his trio that day were glowing with truth and beauty – I played along to ‘God Bless the Child’.

Now I rest and organise some Interviews for working with children on holiday camps.